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Runners, Riders & Odds Epsom Derby 2023

Epsom Derby 2024

Saturday, 1st June 2024. 1:30pm. Epsom




2023 Result


1:  Auguste Rodin  9/2

2:  King Of Steel  66/1

3:  White Birch  –  12/1

4:  Sprewell  14/1

5:  The Foxes  –  7/1



The Epsom Derby is one of the most famous horse races in the world and takes place at the beautiful Epsom Downs each June, spectators enjoying a thrilling spectacle as some of the best racehorses in the world do battle in this prestigious contest. This is without a doubt the most famous of the English classics and it attracts the attention of millions around the world. 

With the best trainers, jockeys and racecourses taking part in the race, picking a winner can be a very daunting task, however we at epsomderby.com bring you the very latest news ahead of the 2024 Epsom Derby as well as the best available odds from the leading UK bookmakers.

Quick guide to picking a winner

It can be daunting task attempting to pick a potential winner for the 2024 Epsom Derby and as with any horse race, there isn’t a magic formula. Nevertheless you can do a few things to boost your chances of bagging a winner by doing a bit of homework for yourself. Many punters will sometimes select their favourite colour or choose a name that they like, however while these methods can indeed be fruitful at times, there are far more creditable strategies which are worth considering.

Should you be lucky enough to be at the Epsom Derby in person, then a visit to the parade ring is a must when betting on the race. Here you can assess the well-being and temperament of the horses, for example if your choice of horse seems agitated or is excessively sweating, then it is perhaps best avoided. If your chosen runner appears calm and composed, then the likelihood is that it will give a decent account of itself in the race.

If you’re not in attendance for the Epsom Derby, then you should always study the form of the horse. When looking at the race card, you will immediately notice numbers next to the name of the horse. These indicate its finishing positions in recent outings, although you should always take these in context. A horse may have finished fourth in its last race but it may have been a four-horse race. Similarly a winner in a previous race may have been on good ground, however it may not perform well on soft ground and this should be taken into consideration. 

Race cards also include letters and these are also a good indication of how the horse might perform. D and C mean that the horse has won over that distance and act the same course, the letters joined together mean that the runner has triumphed on both the same course and distance of the race under consideration. U means that the horse has unseated while F means that it fell in that race. 

The odds of each runner can fluctuate and these are based on the amount of money being aimed towards them ahead of the race. Odds can either shorten or lengthen according to the weight of backing.

As already mentioned, there isn’t a magic formula but you can increase your chances of bagging a winner by doing some research.

Good luck!!!

Odds shown are subject to change